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“Your association with Sigma Nu Fraternity does not end with college. Ours is a Fraternity for life. In fact, full appreciation for Sigma Nu does not come instantly; often it takes years to gain a complete understanding and appreciation. Rest assured that alumni experience and involvement in our Fraternity – on both the local and General Fraternity level – are essential ingredients in the successful operation of our international organization. No chapter survives for any length of time without strong and involved alumni backing.”

– The Legion of Honor

Mu Rho Chapter Opportunities

Share your knowledge and experience with our local Mu Rho Chapter by becoming part of the Alumni Advisory Board or House Corporation.

National Headquarter Opportunities

A place for finding information about Sigma Nu Fraternity’s Alumni and Volunteer services, resources and personnel on the National level.

Alumni Advisory Board

The purpose of an Alumni Advisory Board is to provide ongoing support and assistance to the collegiate chapter. Splitting the duties among several individuals will lessen the time commitment for each alumnus, as well as increase the overall support available to the undergraduate members. The Alumni Advisory Board is a replacement for the traditional “Chapter Advisor” role, by expanding the level of knowledge and experience, so that all key officers and chairmen have a “chapter advisor” for their particular area. By design it eases the burden of transitioning officers from one term to the next by retaining a source of critical knowledge and experience in someone who will be there for more than one term.

House Corporation Committee

The House Corporation is a legally chartered corporation authorized to conduct its affairs in the State or Province where the chapter is located. The members of the House Corporation board are typically alumni of the local chapter and play a role similar to that of a landlord or property manager. The House Corporation holds the individual chapter members responsible for the proper care of the facility on a daily basis while it oversees the maintenance of chapter property by making major repairs and providing for replacement of worn-out equipment and furnishings in a timely manner. The House Corporation collects rental payments from the collegians in order to satisfy the chapter’s mortgage, taxes, and property insurance while servicing other appropriate indebtedness. To promote fiscal and managerial responsibility among the collegiate members of the chapter, the House Corporation works closely with chapter officers, the Alumni Advisory Board, and the Alumni Chapter..

Fall 2022

Rush/Recruitment schedule

We can not wait to meet you and get to know you. All events are held at the Sigma Nu House located at 730 University Parkway, Natchitoches, Louisiana.  If you have any questions please reach out to Logan Chadwick at (318) 947-8929.  Keep with all things Sigma Nu by checking out our Instagram page.